How to build the structure and salary scale Correctly

How to build the structure and salary scale Correctly

How to build the structure and salary scale are things that must be considered by a company. If you are the owner of a company, then you should think about matters relating to company operations. Operations of the company can improve the performance of the company. One thing you have to think about is the financial aspect. Financial aspects related to the employee’s salary. A business owner should think about all the details about the employee’s salary. Employee salaries are the major expenditures undertaken by a company. Salaries of employees is a very important aspect when you start a business. Total salaries of employees affected by various factors such as the employee’s position within a company. The salary structure of employees is very important to be made because it will serve as a reference for determining the amount of the salaries of employees.

Consideration Factors in Determining The Salaries of Employees

Here are a few factors that can be used as a material consideration to set the salary of the employee:

  • Number of employees’ salaries should be adjusted to the employee’s performance. If employees have a difficult task, then the amount of salary earned should also be adjusted.
  • Employees who have achievements should be given a bonus in addition to the basic salary of employees. Bonuses are given to motivate employees so that they can improve the performance of the company.
  • Employees are entitled to receive a salary increase in the amount based on the rules set by the company.

In general, the salary component has several types. Employee salary component usually consists of a special allowance, the basic salary, operational allowances, fixed allowances, and so on. All components of the salary should be considered carefully before you structure the employee’s salary. Salary component of the company may differ from other companies. When you draw up the salary structure, you must create an organizational structure that positions in the company can be known. The organizational structure in a company affected the size and type of the company. The organizational structure could be changed depending on the condition of the company.

Definition of Structure and Salary Scale

The structure and the wage scale should pay attention to past work, competence, education, and class positions. Wage structure is the wage rate from the lowest to the highest level. Wage scale is the value of wages according to the category of office. Preparation of the structure and scale of wages is essential to prevent discrimination, as a guide for setting the wages of employees, for an overview of the future of the workers in the company. There is no regulation requiring to structure and scale of wages, but the preparation has to be done in order to avoid social inequality in the industrialized world.

Mechanism to Make Structure and Salary Scale

The structuring and the wage scale could be done in the following way:

  • Job analysis

This is a process that is carried out systematically to get into position and information used for the benefit of the organization.

  • Job description

This is a summary of the most important activities in an office. The summary also associated with the responsibilities exercised by the post.

  • Job evaluation

This is a systematic process of job analysis to determine the weight of positions in an organization. Those were the things that must be considered before how to build the structure and salary scale.

What is Human Resource Planning? and What are The Benefits for The Company?

What is Human Resource Planning? and What are The Benefits for The Company?

Definition of human resource planning is given by various experts. Before discussing these terms, you should know that the human resources planning can be influenced by the external environment such as economic development and political and social conditions. Economic developments such as inflation and unemployment certainly affect the company’s condition. Other conditions such as legal, social, political and also affect human resources planning for these conditions will definitely have an impact on the personnel of a company.


Human resource planning is all activities undertaken to address the environment in organizations and business demand in the future to meet the manpower needs arising from these conditions. In a narrower sense, human resource planning is defined as the systematic estimate demand and supply of labor to the organization in the future. There are also experts who think about human resources planning. The experts say that human resource planning is a process undertaken to determine the needs to be associated with organizational planning. Planning is expected to create employment and employment that are useful and appropriate.


Human resource planning is expected to provide benefits to employees and companies. Here are the benefits that can be obtained from human resource planning:

  • Companies can take advantage of the human resources within the company better. Activities of human resource planning should be done with the inventory process within the enterprise such as number of employees, qualifications held by the employees, the employees, the skills and knowledge possessed by employees, job training or education have been followed, the talent of employees, and ask employees , The results of the inventory to be very important for the interests in the future such as the promotion of employees, an increased ability to perform the same tasks, and so on.
  • Effectiveness of work could rise due to human resource planning process resulting in safe working conditions, work systems are running properly, the function of the organization can work well, and there is a guarantee of safety, and so on.
  • Labor productivity has increased because companies have data relating to training and knowledge that has been acquired by the human resources in a company. Companies that include employee to do the training and education can improve the ability of the employee so that the skills and capabilities of human resources in a company will be increased. If the knowledge and skills of employees increases, the jobs that exist in the company will be quickly resolved.
  • Human resources planning can be used to meet the workforce needs in the future. Human resources can be used to fill the positions that are vacant and perform a wide range of new activities.
  • Human resources planning can provide information about labor. If the company has produced, the management could do with a human resources planning easier and faster.
  • Companies can determine the condition of the labor market. With these data, the company will be easier to find potential employees the right to work in his company.
  •  The company’s goal can be achieved with the existence of human resources planning. That is some explanation of the benefits and the definition of human resource planning.
3 Things Needed to Start an Online Business

3 Things Needed to Start an Online Business

How to start an online business is fairly easy, but starting a business online requires preparation. If you want to focus on doing business online as the main income, then you do not walk alone because a lot of people who also want to open an online business as their main business. Currently the Internet can produce a virtual world that makes everyone can grow the business rapidly. There are three important steps you should do when you want to start an online business.

Decide What Product That You Want to Sell

The first step is you have to do research products. You should know and be able to decide which products will be sold in an online business. Before you do business cycle, you should do exercises with selling via the Internet. You have to think about what products would you offer to others through online media. Look for a product of what is needed by the community or what items are needed by people who are around you. Product you are selling is a solution of the problems of these people. Many people are too focused with the product without seeing the product that is needed by the community so many people fail in doing business online. To resolve this problem, you can do research on what products are being sold in the market and have a rapid turnaround. Essentially these products are needed by the community but in the marketplace of products are only available in limited quantities. If the products we sell are only required by a few people it means the product market is too narrow and eventually products will not sell. You can sell products such as digital, services, or physical. This first step is a step in the hardest because you have to find ideas, create business concepts, learning about the business, and so forth.

Make Online Shop

The second step is to create an online store. This store is the place to sell products or advertise on the internet. In this stage, you can sell products through social media, website marketplace, and social chat. You can also do promotions on Twitter, Instagram, Line, Facebook, Pinterest, and so forth. You can directly use the services of the website for free without having to create their own websites. But if you want to be serious about doing business online, you can create your own website. The website can also be used as a parameter of your seriousness in doing business online. If an online business has an official website, the buyer will be more confident in buying your product. To blindly website, you need to learn a programming language.


Once you have a website yourself, fill the website with information services or products you wish to sell. You have to fill the website with the right content. Do not copy from other websites. You should be able to use words to sell your product or service on the website. You can fill the website with business profiles, picture services or products is accompanied by a caption, your business address, phone number to call, how to order, and so forth. To create the right content, you can use SEO article writers available on the internet. Those are some things about how to start an online business.

How to Create an Investment Plan with Assessing Where You’re At

How to Create an Investment Plan with Assessing Where You’re At

You must know well of how to create an investment plan, especially if you want to create an investment plan where you are at. A viable investment requires more complex that simply establishing saving and buying stocks.  Fortunately, there are some steps to help you.

Assessing where you are at

The first thing you have to do is to assess where you are. You need to select an investment option that fits to your age. Normally, the younger your age is, the more risk you can stand. It will be perfect if you start the investment when you are at 20s. You have to keep your portfolio and resume great.

The second, you have to learn your current financial conditions. You cannot neglect your current financial situation just because you are focusing on your financial in the future. You have to calculate your income in a month. This would be the basis of the amount of your investment. At least you have to prepare some emergency for the first 6 months since you are starting an investment. At the same time, you have to develop your risk profile. You cannot just think about the profit you may get in the future. It is a great idea to also remember the risk. In general, the interest of the bank and the tax are two most important factors that affect the way of how to create an investment plan.

Establishing clear goals

You cannot develop an investment with no goal. In fact, you have to establish goals. You must know what you expect and what you are going to do with your money. It would be including how you would manage the profit from your investment. If it is possible, you should also set a bigger goal based on the goals you have reached.

It can be very helpful if you write a timeline of how you write down your goals and time table. You can see the progress of your investment. It will also be helpful to note any risk that may affect your investment and your goal. At the same time, you also have to calculate the level of liquidity. The liquid asset very easy to convert to cash. You have determined the amount of the liquid asset you want. It would make you easier to get cash at any time.

To support your goals, you have to create a great plan. Remember 75% of your success is determined by your plan. The plan would consider how you would run the investment and how big it would be. At the same time, the plan would also determine the amount of liquid asset you want and whether you want to develop it bigger.

Evaluating the progress

The last thing you have to do is to evaluate the progress of the investment. You have to determine the risk and the potential of your investment. It is the important thing is to always check the progress and the possible risk of your investment. Always put this process to the list of how to create an investment plan.

How to Become a Successful Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

How to Become a Successful Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

It is a question of many people, How to Become Successful Internet Entrepreneur? Since internet has been part of the global world, there are countless opportunities to make money online. One of the most promising business is to be a marketing entrepreneur. You can start the job at any time, but to be successful at least you have to consider the following steps:

Join the business and management training

Starting a business on your own can be very exciting but also challenging. You can join a businesses and management training. It will be helpful. In the future, you may consider getting an MBA. The most important thing about the business and management training is the training on technology. Surely, you must have been familiar with internet, media social, and computer but you need to learn more about technology such as website designing, how to maintain trouble shoot, and to control the business in unexpected moment. Some basic computer science would be very helpful. Besides the training, you can also do an internship. Looking for a simple search engine optimization (SEO) job or internship can be very helpful. It will get you more experience in internet business.

Business plan is a must

You can’t jump off the air plane without parachute. It is just same with building a business with no plan. Decide what kind of business you want to build and figure out the focus. The most promising marketing business is to be an SEO consultant or selling specialized goods on social media and website design business. You can do some markets research on the internet business. You have to find the best business. At last, start the business as soon as possible. The best part of how to Become Successful Internet Entrepreneur future is to start it soon. Then, you also have to focus on your business. There are several things you have to do to keep you focus on your business:

–         Making a great documentation of your business plan.

–         Paying attention on the best market strategy on your sector.

–         Creating a good structure of your company or business.

–         Writing the cash flow and the project

–         Scheduling a fix time table and office hours, it is even the most important thing when you are building a business at home.

At last, you have to be very details and choose a great partner to build the business. For example, you are building an SEO business, so you have to take your part. You need writers and administrators to help you build the house.

Make it legal

If you think you will Become Successful Internet Entrepreneur future, it is very suggested for you to register your business. You need a legal domain name for your website. It would make your website recognized by the search as the legal site. Then, you have to get web host. It would make you easier to maintain your business. The same thing also has to be done to your retail business. At last, do not forget to keep updating your business. It is an important thing of how to Become Successful Internet Entrepreneur future.

How to Analyze a Business Process (step by step)

How to Analyze a Business Process (step by step)

Learning well about how to analyze a business process is indeed a must for anyone who plans on developing a business. A business process or a system that is used by certain company to reach a goal is sometimes also useful for people who need to maintain a professional relation with a company.  This process at the same time would also cover how to judge whether certain system works well and review the system so the manager would be easier to decide whether they need to make changes or keep the system. Improving the process would help the company to save more time, knowing the costumer taste, and even lower the production cost. In simplest way, the business process is divided into three parts:

Define your business process.

First, you have to define your company business process. It should cover all the employees’ daily performance to accomplish the company’s goal. It is also important for you to consider the scope of the task. The easiest way to determine the scope is by including the invoice you send to clients. This system would also help you to calculate the average of your income in a month. Do not forget to also include the expected outcome to the calculation and note it as part of the documentation. The last, end the first step by writing down any expectations that may occur to the system.

Clear documentation

Second, you should not the defined system into a clear documentation. The easiest way to document the process is to separate the note into three parts:

Daily tasks. It includes how the company deliver products or services to the clients. This note would help you organize the data of the clients and their status.

Support process. It covers all process in any departments to support your company. For example, the human resource department (HRD) that has nothing to do with the products and clients, but importantly support employees.

People or organization related to the company. Your company must manage relationship with people, organization, or other companies such as suppliers, banks, etc. A good management to this relationship is an important part of how to analyze a business process.

Analyze the process well

The great documentation above is actually the first step that make you easier to analyze the business process. Then, you have to move the analysis steps:

Short term analysis. In daily basis, it is important for you to manage the input and the output efficiently. For instance, you have to manage some shops, so your inputs cover the equipment, employees, and the stuffs you are selling. Meanwhile, the outputs are the number of products the costumers buy.

Long term analysis. The long term analysis includes the monthly analysis and the annual analysis based on the similar scheme. The analysis would be the basis to decide changes or improvement.

Include your employees

You cannot work alone in your company. You have to involve all of your employees. To support the analysis, you have to talk with your personnel about the process. Ask your staff about the process, the problems, and their expectations to reach the goal. You have to give them advice as well as open to their suggestions. It is also great to conduct some brainstorming say, in weekly meeting to know how to analyze a business process well and get all your staff involved.

Calculate Loan Payment Using an Online Calculator

Calculate Loan Payment Using an Online Calculator

Knowing How to calculate loan payment with an online calculator would be very helpful. Different from the conventional calculator, the online calculator has such kind of program that allows you to just input the numbers and get it calculated automatically. The system would also prevent you from making wrong calculation. You just need to follow the following steps to calculate the loan payment using an online calculator.

Choose the online calculator

There are some online calculators available online. You can even download some of them and open it with Excel or Google Drive. As another alternative, there are some links you can open. First, the Bankrate or the MLCcare. Both are very simple calculators that would show you an easy table where you can input your payment schedule and your remaining debt. Second, it is the more complex calculator, the CalculatorSoup. This online calculator is a semi-annually that would allow you calculate the payment, interest, and any remaining debt. CalculatorSoup is better for business. In some cases, you can just make your own calculator by duplicating the format from the online calculator to an Excel spreadsheet.

Try the simple one

For starter to learn How to calculate loan payment, we are going to try the simple one. The basic steps are quite simple as follows:

Input the loan amount.

The loan amount is the total number of the money you borrow in a field that is usually labeled as “base amount”. If it is a partially paid loan, you should enter the rest of money you must pay.

Input the interest.

You must know exactly the interest rate. It is actually the current annual interest rate of your loan. The interest is usually shown in percentage form. For example, your interest rate is a 5%, so you type 5 on the calculator. The calculator would calculate your loan with annual interval. If the interest rate changes, you just need to re-calculate the loan.

Input the loan term

The loan term is usually determined by the time or interval you plan to pay off the loan. The calculator normally use monthly interval. It means you should carefully read the label of the field before entering the loan term.

Input the start date

The start date would be field where you have to enter the date when you will have finished paying off your loan. Then, you can just hit the calculator.

Reading the result

The result of the calculation would be displayed in the form of chart, table, or graphic. Some online calculators would allow you to change how the data is displayed into different form. For example, if it initially shows the result in a form of a chart, you can just change it into a graphic to make you easier to read it.

The calculator would display the information of the “fully amortized” schedule of the loan payment. It means you would get an exact schedule and amount of money you must pay every month. If you pay less than the result of the calculation, you would have to pay some extra interest or extra money in the next interval. Surely, knowing How to calculate loan payment makes you feel like having a great accountant.

How Can I Become Successful at a Young Age?

How Can I Become Successful at a Young Age?

Do you ever wonder how successful around the globe build their way? You can be like them. You do not have to wait until you older to be successful. You can achieve the success right now while you are still young. How to become successful is depending on the commitment and persistence you have to achieve the goal. You also need other factors to help you to get successful at a young age like these:

Think long-term

Try to consider what you will be like maybe in ten or twenty years and make plan to achieve that goals. The long-term thinkers tend to be more patient and steadfast in pursuing their goals even though there are any obstacles ahead. That is why they would become successful faster than other people.

Manage the time

Do not waste your time and energy on anything that won’t matter for your success. Focus your attention and time on your goals. That way you can achieve it faster.

Learn from your mistakes

Every pathways to become successful will have obstacles ahead. Sometimes it is not obstacle that would make your way harder but it is yourself when you make mistakes by yourself. You may think that you are an idiot to make such mistakes and you may even want to give up. However, you have to remember that those mistakes are part of your success story. If you accept those mistakes and failure, you will learn to create other solution and that will make your knowledge growing more and more.

Create a habit to always learn

If you want to become successful, you cannot solely depend on the education you got from schools. Try to make a habit to always learn from anything you see. You can teach yourself with any resources you got from outside of the school. In fact, you will become successful faster if you have knowledge that other people do not have.

Make a friend with better people

If you want to success at a young age, you should make a friend and surround yourself with better people or at least people who have the similar goals. You will get motivated only by looking at those driven people and as the result, you will enhance the actions to achieve your goals. So you will become successful rapidly.

Do not be hesitate to try

If you want to success, you need courage to try something new. It does not matter if you get failure, at least you already tried it. These trial and error will give you more experience and knowledge for the foundation of your success.

Invest more

When you pave the way for success, you will meet obstacles and risks at some ways. You won’t really know if resources you have right now will still available when you face the obstacles ahead. That is why it is recommended for you to invest more and spend less of your money.

Do your best

Always give your best every times you do something. That way you can notice what are actually your talent and ability. With those informations, you can sort out the best field and focus to it. That concludes the information of how to become successful at young age. Good luck!

7 Ways to Become a Good Leader

7 Ways to Become a Good Leader

    A leader is someone who leads the team being productive to achieve the goal and to the greatness. Sometimes the job desk of a leader is too overwhelming. It won’t do any good for the team if someone who does not have qualities of leader is appointed to lead the team. That is why being a good leader needs times for being developed.  For someone who wants to be a leader, he needs to learn of how to be a good leader since the well-being and success of company and employees are depending on him.

Build qualities of good leader

Most good leaders often have similar qualities that make them successful. As long as you have commitment to be a leader, you can learn and develop these qualities.

  • Capable to motivate employees with clear visions and missions.
  • Showing positive attitudes and assurance to empower the team being productive.
  • Create a culture of responsibility
  • Good communicator and have relationship with the team based on trust and transparency.
  • Always make decisions based on productivity and what’s best for the team, not influenced by politics.

Build good relationship with the team

One team won’t work if there is no trust and respect between each individuals in the team. Basically to build good relationship is based on three factors, knowledge, communicative and quality. Knowledge means get to know your team by personal. It would show your team that you actually care for them. Communicative means give them feedback or let them know that you are available for any questions and helps any time. Quality means you have to be aware of the quality of this leader-team relationship. You can see how strong the quality of your relationship by watching if any your knowledge and communications affect the productivity of the team.

Build a habit to be empathetic leader

Most motivators would say that empathy is proved has positive influence to job performance. You can learn a habit to be empathetic with simple actions like listen carefully every time you get in conversation, watch other people and try to imagine what they’ve been going through, be careful with your non-verbal reactions and read more resources so you will emotionally more aware of other people in general.

Improve communication skills

The key for communication skills are the words you use, the kind of tones when you speak and body language when you engage in conversation. Look out about these skills more and more and practice them as often as you can.

Give feedback

By giving feedback to the team, you will help your team developing professionally. You can give feedback in formal performance reviews or in informal discussion. Make sure you do it with compassion and be specific with your feedback so your team won’t feel hurt and be understand of what their weakness.

Create your own style

There are four common leadership styles, authoritarian, democratic, transactional and laissez-faire. Find out more about these styles and adopt one of the style which suits you the best. Or even better, create your own leadership style.

Avoid the mistakes

Being a leader does not mean you can do anything you like. Learn from your predecessors and notify their mistakes so you can avoid the mistakes and improve yourself more and more. This concludes the 7 ways of how to be a good leader. Hope your dream to be a good leader come true.