How to make the interviewer was impressed to you in just a short time

How to make the interviewer was impressed to you in just a short time

Here it is how to make the interviewer was impressed to you. There is a new research showed how to impress the employer less than 9 seconds. You may spend your time preparing the CV in hard copy or online version. Then the employer will judge only in few seconds the same time like you wait your coffee getting colder. So make sure your CV really is really good. Next is How to make the interviewer was impressed to you.

The first second

Keep it brief. Don’t apply the CV which has pages on it or pages online page which need to be scrolled down endlessly. Your CV will not be read. The employer doesn’t ask you to write a story. Just one page of your printed CV is more than enough.

The second second

Keep it standard. You can call it traditional. You can make your CV stand out but make sure it is not too much. The standard format will be easier to read. Choose the standard font and don’t use colorful paper. The employer will be more focused on the traditional format.

The third second

Be pertinent. You should explain the CV and profile in the clear way. Tell about your current job and why the job will show the experiences you have. Explain also your experiences related you the required job. Make sure this is visible. You can add your skills related to the job. You have to put those informations right at the top.

The fourth second

Don’t make the employer flinched. Don’t use slang words. Based on the research, the word ‘motivated’ is commonly used rather than ‘responsible’. The same goes such as ‘creative’, ‘passionate’ and ‘enthusiastic’. Don’t use them.

The fifth second

This chance is when the employer reads the specific phrases such as the current job, soft skills or some qualifications. This indicates whether you will be invited to have interview or not. Use important things so that those words steal the employer’s attention such as large fonts, bold or italic. Put the keywords in your profile so it will be easier to look for the terms.

The sixth second

Connect each other. The employer will also look at your networking. Focus on the social media which can be related to the job. You can mention other networking events you have ever had. This will show your commitment and the employer will see you the one who has many connections.

The seventh second

Be attractive. If you can stand almost in seven second then you are worth than the others. Don’t ruin this chance because you forget to tell about your life. Only hobby is acceptable to be mentioned in the CV. Don’t write about culture. However, if you have run marathon and it is for charity then you can write it.

The eighth second

No need to tell about the personal development on CV. Tell them only your soft skills which are related to the job. The examples are public speaking and presentation skills. Emphasize on those kinds of examples.

The ninth second

It’s over. When you are here then you win. They will contact you. The last second of how to create an interesting CV is that you should put your contact clearly. Use professional email address.

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