The Little Things That Make Your Application Was Rejected By the Company

The Little Things That Make Your Application Was Rejected By the Company

There are little things that make the application rejected. The company received hundreds applications and they only picked the applications they think the best. The reason may be different in each industry. Here are some common little things that make the application rejected.


It is okay if you apply the job which a bit under your qualifications. However, if you can seek the higher qualification, why not? People tend to put most of their time to make CV and applications talking about your experiences and high degree. You have to see things from employer’s sight as well. If the employer should only choose one person but he or she got fifty applications, don’t think about you are under qualified. The employer will put away the applications which don’t have relation with the experiences. The same thing goes the same as the degree class.


When the employer observes the CV, they anticipate the information stated is easy to understand. If your CV is not like that, then they will put in the dustbin right away. They will not waste time to look thoroughly on the bio searching the information while other CVs are clearer and more concise. It is better to make your CV easy and simple to read. Put the relevant information and encourage the key parts. Make sure the employer can easily see the key information.


Some people may be disappointed with the spelling error while actually they are qualified with the job. There are some reasons about it. When you apply the job, you should imagine that your CV is being compared by other ideal CV of ideal applicants. The company will hire only one person; imagine that there are more than 50 appliances. The applications are all the same but your application has many spelling errors. They will choose the perfect one. Actually, the problem is not only the spelling, but whether you give clear information to the employer or not. The spelling errors make the information not clear.


Imagine you are looking for one position and you got 50 applications on your table. Most of them look the same, they graduated from degree. However, there is no experience. You may think that you will lose the chances if you throw away 35 or 40 similar applications. But it’s not happened with the employer, they will only choose perhaps 5 applications which really stand out. That’s why you should make your applications different and can catch the attention of the employer. If not, then your application will not be read.


An unclear CV is not interesting even the covering letter stands out. Make your application personally. It’s better to relate the CV with the industry. It will need more work but it is the best way to get chosen.

Well, those are little things that make the application rejected. Some of them may sound ridiculous but you can rethink once more and imagine you are the employer. If you got many similar applications then you will choose the perfect one. Reread again before you sent your application or ask your family or friends to check.

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