Hello Fresh Graduate; This is How Arrange your First Salary Wisely

Hello Fresh Graduate; This is How Arrange your First Salary Wisely

Getting some tips and ideas on how to arrange your first salary is such the helpful thing since no matter how much money we get, if we could not manage it well and wisely, it will get run out easily. That is why anyone needs to manage the salary properly especially for your first salary in which you have the lack of info and experience on dealing with it. Of course, it is something exciting to receive your first salary but you need to also remember that the salary that you have received need to be used properly.

You have to manage it well and wisely, so that it would not run out quickly and without you could not know where it goes. Another essential thing which you need to remember is that you need the money for struggling in the next one month or about 30 days from your first salary. So, you need to arrange or manage the money well so that it would not spend all of your money long before your next payday. That becomes the reason why we need to manage the money properly and wisely especially for you the fresh graduates who are going to get your first salary. There are some information and idea which can be tried for managing your salary properly.

Make the Proper Financial Plan


One of the simple ideas but is really important is to make your own financial plan. That is one of the solutions of how to arrange your first salary. What you need to do is to determine some items or parts where you are going to spend your salary for. Of course, you need to calculate how much money you need for your one-month expense. Then, you could not forget about any other expenditure parts, as like for the transportation, for giving or charity, investment, and also saving. You also need to consider about your bills, as like credit card bills, insurance bills, installments, and many others. So, you need to make the plan properly first and manage yet divide the money properly.

Create Two Different Accounts of Bank


Another good way for having the good solution on managing your first salary is by making two or more different accounts of bank. That is one of the ideas of how to arrange your first salary. So, what the bank accounts are for then? One of them is for your daily expenditure or for the money which you can spend in one month, and then the other is for investment, saving, and many others. That is including for the saving for the unforeseen needs which can happen or be needed anytime in sudden. That is why you need to have some more saving for it.

Charity, Investment and Saving


Never forget to also plan and manage your money for the charity, investment, and also saving. Sometimes we find something bad happen as like the natural disaster and it can happen anytime in sudden. Then, you can help the victims well by using your charity fund from your salary. Then, you also need to set aside your salary for your saving. That is for both the future aim and also for preparing the unforeseen needs. The investment is also really important to be set aside from your salary, for example for a business or even for buying gold as investment. That is one of the way on how to arrange your first salary.

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