5 trap and dengerous question when interview job

5 trap and dengerous question when interview job

Finding the dangerous question when job interview is something common and of course if we have known about it, we will be able to find some best ideas on answering the questions. Commonly the dangerous question during the job interview is a kind of the tricky question for the interviewee. That is commonly asked during the job interview. Of course, any job seekers need to really know about the job interview which they will face. The job interview is commonly full of trick and also full of risk as well. That is the reason why anyone who are seeking a job and will be on a job interview need to really know about job interview. Still, even though you have a lot of experience of the job interview, you still need to learn much more about job interview.

That is including learning the characters of questions and what the interviewer will infer from the answer which we give. That is because there are some kinds of questions which are really tricky so that when we answer the questions in the wrong way, that can be the obstacle and also the reason why we could not get the job. That will be such a good idea for learning much more about the job interview characters. That is including learning about what are the dangerous questions which are often given in the job interviews. What are they then? Here are dangerous question when job interview which will be discussed.

What is Your Weakness?

When you are getting such this question, you need to answer it properly and also of course fairly. You can answer it by showing what kind of weakness which you have and how you can turn your weakness into a positive thing or into a benefit. That will give you a positive point since you can handle your own attitude including turning your negative side into positive.

Why you are Interested in this Position

Another common dangerous question when job interview is the question of ‘why are you interested in this position’. This question is aimed at knowing how far your knowledge about the company is actually. So, it means that you need to prepare your job interview by learning about the company as well.

How Much Salary You Want?

Another common dangerous question when job interview is ‘how much salary you want’. Of course, you need to express that you welcome to any compensation which can be discussed as well. However, if you have to talk about the nominal, you can give the range. Still, before the interview, you need to find info about the common range of salary for such that position.

Talk About Yourself, Please

When you get such this question for talking about yourself, simply you need to talk some points about yourself. Make sure that it is the professional points which are related to your career or the future. That can also be answered by talking about your working experience.

What Kind Of Proud Achievement Which You Every Reached Before?

The key for answering such the question of your proud achievement in the past is by sharing your great achievement which is related to the position which you applied. Another way is by giving the overview on how important your achievement on showing about your capability which will be useful for the position which you applied. That is the tricky dangerous question when job interview which many people often found.