Build the Business Continuity Planning in Digital Era

Build the Business Continuity Planning in Digital Era

Business continuity planning in digital era is very important. Sometimes the disaster comes without warning at the first step. In order to keep going on your business even though you just struck by something uneasy you will need the continuity planning. Actually there are several things you should consider in order to make the plan works. The plan should be tested so each person in the organization can be responsible with the plan.

How business continuity of disaster recovery plans differ

Businessman Hand Stop Dominoes Continuous Toppled

Well, the term of Business Continuity or BC refers to the effort in maintaining the function of the business very quickly. The main purpose is resuming the work after the attack that gives major issues such as disasters, attack from malicious, epidemic illness, flood, and fire. The plans are supposed to cover anything in the business such as the business partners, human resource, assets, and business process. Business Continuity planning is not similar with the Disaster Recovery. The DC is just recovering the IT operations and also the infrastructure while the BC is covering the whole organization.

Why the BC matters


Well, basically BC planning is really mattered no matter you have a small business or a very big company. The thing is you should stay competitive with others. Customers and clients are the best thing for company’s income. You also need to increase the customer base to grow your family. In other hands, there are lots of things that should be watched because the disaster will come without warn. The fun fact is you and your clients will know that your company is capable on anything big after big event that probably punch your company right on the face.

Create the business continuity plan for the first step


If until now you don’t have this BC thing for your organization, you should start with the rating on your process of business. You can see the vulnerable and weak spot on your company. Other than that, you will also see the potential loss if one day the process should be downed for days or more.

After the previous step is done, you should develop your plan. In order to make it much easier, you can use the plan templates available on the internet. The most common BC planning is the checklist that consists of equipment, supplies, backup sites, and the backup locations. Other than that, you also need to have the responder of emergency’s contact in case the disaster comes straight to your company.

Test your business continuity plan


As we have said, the plan should be tested before it is applied to your organization. An excellent plan would not be excellent if you did not test it yet. The test is also supposed to fulfill the purposes which are pretty intended. Many of big companies test their plan at least twice a year. The schedule should be adjusted with your organization and also the other supported things for the plan. Well, a company should have Business Continuity Planning.

7 Human Work that Replaced by Robot

7 Human Work that Replaced by Robot

Human work that replaced by robot is kind of the public’s secret nowadays. Those jobs are probably really bothering human or it can also due to the effectiveness so the works should be replaced by robot. Well, robotics is proving the existence of artificial intelligence but in other hands it also closes so many job opportunities for human. However, some experts believe that there will always be the new opportunity even though once is replaced. Well, in this article we have the list of human jobs that are done by robots.

Financial and sport reporter

The daily job of journalist is to gather the information, asking people for interview, answering so many questions, and of course writing all of it on the paper as the result. But surely the machine can make the information much readable and it also makes zero percent of disruption with human compared. This also helps the company in saving their budget while the real journalists do the more important things that need skill.

Online marketer

The fun fact is human is not learned to make a message that really makes the receiver open it or eventually buy a product. And apparently, the robot or machine can do that. Other than that, the machine can save the time because it can make two messages at once while human still made one. It is no wonder if there is human work replaced by robot.

Anesthesiologists, surgeons, and diagnosticians

The surgeons already have the system that designed to automatically response on the low-invasive procedure. Well, even though right now the doctor is still in charge but the machine is definitely does the simpler procedure with satisfying result. Other than that, the machine already found its path to remove the tumor from human’s tissue with simpler procedure than the doctor. It saves the time as well.

E-discovery lawyers and law firm associates

The discovery process in large lawsuits can take so many documents and those all should be reviewed. And basically it is kind of the lower-level job the paralegals and lawyers should do. Since there is new software that can do the job, humans are not needed anymore at least for this reviewing job.

Financial analyst and advisor

Analyze the financial from many sources can take the time and effort, even thought that is the main job of analysts. Other than that, it also needs the system that is able to predict, the large data, and computing stuff. This is why the robot or system itself is enough and great for this job.

Tellers and clerks

It cannot be denied if the bank branches are pretty pricey to maintain. The money for bank tellers that do so complicated job is kind of less than the expectation. Well, since the robot can replace the tellers’ and clerks’ jobs, it makes the opportunity to give the maintenance cost that less than teller’s salary without sacrificing the quality. Well, it is not that bad even though there is human work replaced by robot.