7 Myths and Facts About the Female Boss

7 Myths and Facts About the Female Boss

There are countless myths and facts about the female boss around us. It can be very helpful if you know at least seven of them. At least, you would be able to build healthier interaction with your female boss. Some say female boss is a little bit more complicated and emotional. Worry no more, these following facts would be very helpful.

Only 34% of them

The fact is, the number of female bosses is quite low. Based on Pew Research Survey, there is are only 34% female bosses in whole companies in the Unites States. Most of these female bosses are in the middle position and only 9% of them in the top management position including the CEO. It means, female bosses are actually women are competitive and relatively have better leadership than male. It is quite a myth to say that they are less professional than male bosses.

They engage better with the staffs

In one side, it may be true that female bosses are a little bit more emotional than male bosses. But, it also reflects that they care more about their staffs. A survey that is conducted to 1,000 employees shows that female bosses engage better with their staffs even outside works. It is because females are more sensitive and have more sympathy to their colleagues, especially in communications.

Balancing work and life

Some companies nowadays tend to have woman managers. Why? Female is more able to manage the work in the company without messing up personal life. Women naturally would like to think about their family and social life. Therefore, it is common facts about the female boss that they are good at leading the human resources department.

Learn their language

Most people say that female bosses are way too emotional and less professional than they should be. In some cases, it can be true. But, it is party a myth. According to Forbes in 2013, it is not only bad to let the emotion out at work. It does not mean that you are not professional. It only means that you are a human. To deal with this situation, it would be better for you to learn your female boss’ language. If you pay attention, the say less direct instruction and give you more compliments before criticizing your work. It is actually the main problem of your misunderstand of their instruction.

They can be your friends

It is a good point if you have a female boss. You can just talk to them about your problems. According to the Grand poll research, female bosses are easy to understand the employees’ problems. Although the company may not always offer the best solution for your depression, a female boss may make you feel more welcomed. She would comfort you much better than male boss. She is less judgmental even when you are crying at work.

More details

The Gallup survey shows that female bosses are way more detail than male bosses. It means, although they complement your work, they usually always find your flaws.

Who is the boss?

At last, female bosses are sometime too engaged with their staffs. Some say that it makes them less professional. And it is somehow true. That is why people sometime say, “Who is the boss?”. It would always be part of the facts about the female boss.