Tips on How to Make an Essay in English Longer

Writing an essay can be a daunting task for beginners, and sometimes it may be necessary to make it longer to meet word count requirements in college or to fully develop ideas. However, simply adding fluff or repeating the same points can detract from the quality of the essay This option is not suitable for us, because we need a high grade. So here are some tips on how to make an essay longer while still maintaining its quality and coherence.

Adding examples or evidence is a good way to add depth to your essay and make it longer. This not only helps to strengthen your argument but also adds substance and credibility to your writing.

In case when you’ve written a concise essay, you can also try expanding on your ideas by adding more detail, explanation, or analysis. This will not only make your essay longer but also show a deeper understanding of the topic. Another way is to contact a professional writing service Buyessayfriend who can write your essay for you.

Use transitional phrases. Transitional phrases can help to connect ideas and paragraphs, making your essay flow better and appear more substantial. Phrases such as “furthermore,” “in addition,” or “moreover” can help to add length and improve the overall structure of your essay.

You can use quotes from reliable sources. It can help to support your arguments and add length to your essay. However, it’s important to ensure that the quotes are relevant and properly cited.

Include a counterargument. Addressing potential objections to your argument can help to demonstrate a deeper understanding of the topic and add length to your essay. This also shows that you have considered other perspectives and have a well-rounded understanding of the topic.

Descriptive language can help to paint a picture for the reader and add length to your essay. By using vivid descriptions, metaphors, or similes, you can help to make your writing more engaging and interesting.

In summarize, making an essay longer does not have to involve adding fluff or repeating points. By adding examples or evidence, expanding on ideas, using transitional phrases, using quotes, including a counterargument, and using descriptive language, you can make your essay longer while still maintaining its quality and coherence.

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