What is Human Resource Planning? and What are The Benefits for The Company?

What is Human Resource Planning? and What are The Benefits for The Company?

Definition of human resource planning is given by various experts. Before discussing these terms, you should know that the human resources planning can be influenced by the external environment such as economic development and political and social conditions. Economic developments such as inflation and unemployment certainly affect the company’s condition. Other conditions such as legal, social, political and also affect human resources planning for these conditions will definitely have an impact on the personnel of a company.


Human resource planning is all activities undertaken to address the environment in organizations and business demand in the future to meet the manpower needs arising from these conditions. In a narrower sense, human resource planning is defined as the systematic estimate demand and supply of labor to the organization in the future. There are also experts who think about human resources planning. The experts say that human resource planning is a process undertaken to determine the needs to be associated with organizational planning. Planning is expected to create employment and employment that are useful and appropriate.


Human resource planning is expected to provide benefits to employees and companies. Here are the benefits that can be obtained from human resource planning:

  • Companies can take advantage of the human resources within the company better. Activities of human resource planning should be done with the inventory process within the enterprise such as number of employees, qualifications held by the employees, the employees, the skills and knowledge possessed by employees, job training or education have been followed, the talent of employees, and ask employees , The results of the inventory to be very important for the interests in the future such as the promotion of employees, an increased ability to perform the same tasks, and so on.
  • Effectiveness of work could rise due to human resource planning process resulting in safe working conditions, work systems are running properly, the function of the organization can work well, and there is a guarantee of safety, and so on.
  • Labor productivity has increased because companies have data relating to training and knowledge that has been acquired by the human resources in a company. Companies that include employee to do the training and education can improve the ability of the employee so that the skills and capabilities of human resources in a company will be increased. If the knowledge and skills of employees increases, the jobs that exist in the company will be quickly resolved.
  • Human resources planning can be used to meet the workforce needs in the future. Human resources can be used to fill the positions that are vacant and perform a wide range of new activities.
  • Human resources planning can provide information about labor. If the company has produced, the management could do with a human resources planning easier and faster.
  • Companies can determine the condition of the labor market. With these data, the company will be easier to find potential employees the right to work in his company.
  •  The company’s goal can be achieved with the existence of human resources planning. That is some explanation of the benefits and the definition of human resource planning.

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